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Staff members of  the  medical and surgical unit care for diverse patients and illnesses.  We provide a comprehensive healthcare team that is solely devoted to serving the needs of the patients on this unit. This team is comprised of a Hospitalist Physician, Pharmacist, and Certified Nurse Practitioner. Coupled with this team, is a highly skilled Nursing staff, Registered Dietician, and inpatient therapists representing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy.

The role of the Hospitalist is to care for patients during their hospital stay so primary care physicians can remain in their offices, caring for other patients. The benefit to the patient is that the Hospitalist is able to quickly make changes to a patient’s care in response to changing medical conditions. Some primary care physicians choose to manage their patient’s hospital care. Others may refer all their patients to the Hospitalist, or refer patients on an as-needed basis. Once discharged, those patients will then resume their relationship with their primary care physician. Studies show that Hospitalists can help reduce the length of hospital stays, improve the quality of care, and increase patient satisfaction.

If you or a member of your family is admitted to our medical and surgical unit, you are likely to find that you know members of your care team. We often know our patients on a first-name basis, their families, and their personal wants and needs. Our medical and surgical staff realizes that a large part of a successful recovery to surgery or illness depends on support and shared strength. Our medical and surgical staff members are ready and willing to provide these things for you.

Visiting Hours are 11:00am to 8:00pm 

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Department Healthcare Providers

Tonya Magee, CNP


Adult Nurse Practitioner:

The Ohio State University

Anthony Wetherington, MD


Medical school: University of Cincinnati (1996)
Residency: CMH Family Practice Residency Program

American Board of Family Practice

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