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Cancer Care services of Highland District Hospital embraces the team-focused care approach to patient care. This approach leads to a unified plan that benefits from the combined clinical expertise of multidisciplinary teams of physicians, nurses and other care providers. They work together to ensure that comprehensive, coordinated care is available to guide each patient through diagnosis, treatment and recovery, and that patients who need several different therapies to treat their cancer will receive the ideal combination. Each patient is treated according to a unique plan customized for the specific type of cancer, its stage, the patient's lifestyle needs and overall health.

"Oncology is the study of cancer. Extended from that, it is the management of the physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional aspects of cancer - for both the patients and their families. I want every person to be treated like my mom and dad. This is not a business for us ……it's care."

- Regina Melink, M.D. Director, Cancer Care & Hematology Services of HDH

Cancer Care services is located on the 3rd floor of Highland District Hospital. Enter through main enterance, go right (to the elevators), and take the elevator to the 3rd floor.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

8:00am - 5:00pm
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Regina Melink, MD


Medical school: University of Texas (1990)
Residency: University of Cincinnati
Fellowship: University of Cincinnati

Board certified: American Board of Oncology

Dr. Regina Melink is a specialist in oncology and hematology. She has been treating patients at Highland District Hospital since 1996. She has four children, and is very active with their activities.

Dr. Melink has received several awards, including the Ohio Hospital Association's Outstanding Patient Assistance award.
She states that "we believe we are personal patient advocates and navigators for each individual through the process of cancer treatment and the often confusing paperwork involved in healthcare."
Dr. Melink believes it is an honor to take care of patients. She and her staff offer patients and their families a high standard of care and outstanding support in cancer and blood disorders.

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