Our commitment to outstanding customer service is the foundation of the success of Highland District Hospital. We are committed to maintaining a culture of service excellence. Service excellence means striving to be the best we can be – as individual employees and as an organization. It means providing the very highest level of clinical care, putting quality and patient safety above all else. And it means treating our customers, including patients, families, physicians, co-workers and outside contacts with dignity, respect and compassion.

Pass a smile. Greets customers with a smile and attitude of friendliness and courtesy while introduces self.

Take time to listen.  Demonstrates excellent listening skills.  Asks appropriate questions of customers, while checking and summarizing to ensure a clear understanding.

Show the Way.  Proactively approaches customers to offer assistance. Takes customers to his/her destination.

Look the part.  Demonstrates a positive attitude.  Displays concern and compassion for others.  Employees present themselves in a professional, appropriate manner in accordance to HDH’s Appearance and Apparel policy when reporting to work.

Make it right.  Takes action at point of service to immediately meet customer’s needs.  Demonstrates empathy for others and validates concerns. Communicates course of action to customers to address problems or concerns.


I acknowledge the above are HDH standards for customer service excellence and further understand these behavioral standards are expected of every HDH employee. I understand that I will be accountable and am willing to exhibit these standards through every customer encounter should I be offered a position of employment at HDH.