Annual Plan 2015

4-D Ultrasound Units – Target Goal $157,000
Remaining balance for 2015 = $30,043

Ultrasound is a very high volume modality in radiology. Ultrasound is used to detect and diagnose many types of disease as well as demonstrate pregnancy. The highly trained technologists in the HDH Radiology Department provide diagnostic ultrasounds to nearly 3,100 patients each year. These patients are both patients in the hospital and outpatients coming in for testing. Ultrasound is frequently utilized as an emergency exam dealing with obstetric patients or those needing emergency surgery, such as gallbladder. Having two units will decrease the wait time for scheduling ultrasounds and in particular provide follow up exams to mammograms as needed in a very timely manner. The current ultrasound unit is 8 years old and this would be a replacement purchase.

Ventilator (Respirator) - $31,000
Remaining balance for 2015 = $29,500

Airway management is essential for adequate ventilation and oxygenation of critical patients. In the event of respiratory failure, a ventilator is essential in breathing for, or assisting patient’s oxygenation and ventilation. This becomes a life saving piece of equipment. This is utilized for example, in patients with a drug overdose, cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, or major trauma. Fortunately this is utilized infrequently, for example 6 times a month, but invaluable when needed. This is a replacement purchase.

Glidescope – Video Laryngoscopes - $14,000
Remaining balance for 2015 = $14,000

Airway management is a vital role of the emergency department personnel when critical patients present to the emergency department with an unstable airway. The Glidescope provides a consistently clear, real-time view of the airway and endotracheal tube placement, enabling quick intubation. The Emergency Room treats approximately 19,000 people each year. All of these do not need airway management, but they need to be prepared when the need arises.

HDH Foundation Health Fair – $10,000

In April, we held our 12th annual health fair. We had approximately 1,000 community members to attend. The health fair provides multiple health screenings, such as comprehensive blood panel and blood pressure. Each year we receive calls asking when the health fair will be held, with concerns such as, “This is the first time in my life that I have not had insurance and I have a family history of diabetes or prostate cancer”. And, each year we have participants discover health issues that have, up until that point, been undiscovered such as prostate cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, and kidney disease. Our local physicians are very supportive of the health fair and suggest to many of their patients to attend that are unable to pay for the screenings but are medically needed.