HDH Foundation

Foundation formed to promote community involvement in hospital's future.

The Highland District Hospital Foundation was formed to build a bridge between the community and the hospital. Its role is to encourage community involvement in the hospital's future through financial support and to manage that support to the maximum benefit of the hospital and the people using its service.

"It All Comes Back to You" is the theme guiding the foundation's efforts. Because the hospital is a not-for profit organization, the patronage of individuals is critical to its ability to provide state-of-the-art technology and excellence in health care services to people in the community.

The Foundation's Board of Directors is a diverse group of volunteers, with each member bringing a special perspective and expertise to the Board. They believe in Highland District Hospital and its importance to the community as a place of healing and caring to all people without regard to their ability to pay. The Board realizes the healthcare industry and Highland District Hospital face unprecedented economic challenges—rising costs, uninsured patients, dwindling federal reimbursement and the high cost of rapidly changing technology. Philanthropic support of the Hospital is one way to ensure that future generations of Highland County citizens have access to locally available quality healthcare.


HDH Foundation Health Fair - $10,000

In April, our 13th annual health fair will be held. We are expecting 1000+ community members to attend. The health fair provides multiple health screenings, such as comprehensive blood panel and blood pressure.  Each year we receive calls asking when the health fair will be held, with concerns such as, “This is the first time in my life that I have not had insurance and I have a family history of diabetes or prostate cancer”.  And, each year we have participants discover health issues that have, up until that point, been undiscovered such as prostate cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, and kidney disease. Our local physicians are very supportive of the health fair and suggest to many of their patients to attend, that are unable to pay for the screenings, but are medically needed.

Emergency Room Expansion

Highland District Hospital has announced plans to expand its emergency room by more than double its current size.
    Tim Parry, HDH vice president of operations, said the hospital hopes to break ground on the project by mid summer and have it completed in less than a year after that.
    The project will increase the emergency room from its current 4,222 square feet to 8,988 square feet.
    The HDH emergency rooms see an average of about 19,000 patients a year, Parry said.
    "It's just based on our community and patient needs," Parry said. "Expanding the emergency room will allow us to better serve community needs, increase privacy and security, help staff care for patients in a more efficient manner, and provide optimal care to our community."
    Most of the expansion will take place on the northeast corner of the hospital, or to the right of the current approach to the emergency room entrance.
    Parry said the expansion will increase the number of beds in the ER from 11 to 14, and that the expansion will require some additional staffing.
    Improvements to the department will include:
    • Private patient rooms and a larger waiting area to provide a greater level of comfort to patients and their families.
    • Designated behavioral health rooms to better treat mental health and substance abuse.
    • Centralized nurses’ stations with access to treatment rooms for a more comfortable and efficient environment.
    • New drive-up ambulance bay to improve emergency transport of patients and ensure quicker delivery of care.
    • Increased floor space allows for more efficient care delivery and easier accessibility for all patients.
    • Specialized decontamination rooms for patients with contagious diseases or exposure to hazardous materials.
    • Designated trauma room with adequate space to care for the most critically ill or injured patients.
    "Access to high-quality care is a priority for Highland District Hospital," Parry said. "The renovation and expansion of the current emergency room is an essential community need and will enable local residents to continue to receive quality emergency care close to home."

To make a donation, or for questions about the Foundation, please contact
Cathy Jones at 937.393.6360.