Annual Plan

GreatER Care Campaign - In January 2016, the Highland District Hospital Foundation embarked upon a five year, $1.5 million capital campaign to support the Hospital’s endeavors of expanding our Emergency Department. By year end 2019 we have successfully raised or have pledged $1,493,820 of our $1.5 million goal. The new Emergency Department more than doubles the square footage and addresses privacy, security, behavioral health, centralized nurse’s station, decontamination room, and specialized trauma room needs which will help ensure that we continue to provide exceptional emergency care for our community.

Patient Room Furnishing for Building Expansion Project 2020 – ($55,707) The Highland District Hospital Building Expansion Project which will be completed in 2020, includes all private inpatient rooms, expanded inpatient rehabilitation space, new cancer care unit, and separate orthopedic and sports medicine outpatient clinic, additional patient registration access points. In support of the Building Project 2020, the Foundation plans to support the purchase of furniture for the Med/ Surg inpatient rooms and the oncology treatment rooms.

Six oncology treatment mobile recliners- ($15,719) come equipped with heat, central caster steering, right side tray, large foot tray, mid ottoman calf support, removable back for cleaning for infectious disease control. The vinyl chair covering has advanced soil and stain protection and inherent fluid barrier. In 2019 the oncology/hematology clinic saw over 4,000 patient visits. These treatment chairs with sophisticated style and functionality will provide comfort to the portion of these clinic patients that receive outpatient chemotherapy treatments.

Fourteen (14) sleep sofas for inpatient rooms- ($29,278) The sofas, one for each room, are 78” long and bariatric weight rated at 500 lbs. per seat. The back of the cushion folds over so that the sitting and sleeping surfaces are not the same. The sofa will be positioned in each room under the window so that the family may rest at their loved ones bedside if necessary.

Six mobile patient room recliners- ($10,710) will be available on the med/surg unit to complement the comfort of patients that are able to be out of bed during their hospital stay.

Employee Pavilion and Expanded Outdoor Space- ($30,000)  The new employee pavilion and expanded outdoor space just outside the dining room will be an area that employees can utilize for breaks, lunch, or meetings. This area should be considered the place employees can reconnect daily, bringing a sense of family to our organization for years to come. To honor the unmatched ability to unite our employee body we will commemorate the legacy of Patty Krebs with the dedication of this employee pavilion.  We invite employees and the community to honor Patty by contributing to the cause that was nearest to Patty’s heart – her HDH family.

Health Fair – In April, our 17th annual health fair will be held. The health fair offers a comprehensive lab panel which includes testing for kidney and liver function as well as diabetes, cholesterol, triglyceride and prostate cancer. Our community embraces this annual event with consistent attendance of approximately 900 people. The ongoing economic state of the area makes preventative healthcare screening unattainable for many. With the unemployment rate, lack of health insurance and/or high deductibles and co-pays this serves as the only means for many of our community members to get these potentially lifesaving healthcare screenings. Each year, many participants learn from these test results that they have diabetes, prostate cancer, or other previously undiagnosed illnesses.